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5 worst advice I received on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is as fragile as much as it is versatile. And when it comes to creativity everyone wants to pitch in and share their opinion. Honestly, opinions and suggestions are fine by me! But some may go to an extent to give you unasked advice (unintentionally), I ask for advice most of the time. So, it’s hard to tell which I asked and which one I didn’t. Basically, I welcome all kind of advice with a big smile and genuinely consider them and work on it.

It is an as tiring job as charming it sounds.

I have listed 5 worst advice I received on Digital Marketing. You might receive them too. They may seem good to try but only in the later stage, you find them not working/it’s too late.

#1. Sign up and build a profile on as many social media platforms as you can –

When it comes to SEO, the idea is to be everywhere. Right? Wrong. It is more important to know where most of your audience is. Start with that channel and do a great job at engagement then you can slowly and strategically try out other social media platforms when you have the bandwidth.

There is no point in have many social media profiles and end up being active on only one.

#2. Create and share content that relates to all genders and ages –

This strongly corresponds to your content marketing strategy. If you currently don’t have a content marketing strategy, then I strongly recommend you to go and create one. While the social media plays a very important role in shaping the content and driving in the engagement, there is no point in wasting time with people who fall out of your target audience.

Also, experts (myself included :)) suggest focussing on only social media channels that work. I had one client for whom I was handling the social media. They were placed in the B2C category, which means that their products were directly consumed by the end-users. So, this client wanted me to start the LinkedIn page for them as well, as it was in the plan and suggested by their previous Social Media Consultant. This is something I firmly opposed to and it took 10 mins to explain to him why the LinkedIn is not really where his company need to be right now.

Remember it’s better to not to have a social media profile at all, then having created one and not being active.

#3. Use exact keywords as many times as possible in the body of your page or you won’t rank on search –

This was suggested by my mentor once, and then we both did the research and found he was wrong (Glad! that he accepted his mistake and worked on it, and things didn’t go south). Yes, let’s talk about SEO again folks. The website is said to be search engine optimized when it gets organic (strictly non-paid) visits and has low bounce rate. The keywords are used to direct the SEO of the website, that’s it! Rest it all about what user experiences on your website.

Stuffing keywords as many times as possible in a website is worst for your website and domain’s future rankings. It will be the first one to be penalised.

#4. It doesn’t matter what you write about, just post as much content as possible –

This is where everyone goes wrong. One needs to understand Google and other search engines are not looking for quantity instead they crave for quality.

Simple boss! If your website has quality content it will be appreciated, shared, liked and ranked.

I was responsible for SEO for this one client from a technology background. He said “Sagar, I need you to write more and more blogs then only we will rank! You can choose the topic and just write and post daily.” I was really shocked by what he said. This is not SEO, not what Neil Patel and other SEO experts taught me.

It is more valuable to optimize the old blog for SEO than to write a new one.

Best Part? You don’t have to think about what you will be writing next day.

#5. Figure out what works, and keep doing that –

This seems like a legit advice, isn’t it? If it works for you, then you won a race, follow it and you will reach success. Now what? You will probably reach the target, best case, even cross it. You will feel triumphed and tell the manager about it. He will appreciate you and then will overestimate you and increase your target.

It will be insane, if you think you will work harder with old strategy and reach the new target, you will fail for sure. Sometimes it is required to go out of the way to get that one magical factor that will boost your campaign. I always dare myself to try out new platforms, channels and strategies. How bad can it be anyway?

Conclusion –

In a nutshell, improving brand’s digital media outreach is hard work. There’s no ideal solution for every brand, and best-in-class advertisers certainly don’t play by the rules. Avoid taking the easy way to improve digital media strategies.

Hit me up! If you have ever got such advice or want me to add something else to this article.

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